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Zapata Falls, Colorado

Zapata Falls and a long drive…

We started our day with a short hike to Zapata Falls. The 3-mile rocky dirt road that led to the trail was almost bumpy enough to deter our trip, but we persevered, and I am so glad we did! Once at the trail head, we strapped on our water shoes and hiked a quick 10 minutes […]

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Burning the fields in Kansas.

Dorothy was right – there’s no place like Kansas!

Last night we watched a huge thunderstorm move toward us over a period of three hours as we drove toward the Missouri-Kansas border. I could not believe the amount and size of lightening bolts – at one point if felt like we were stuck in a strobe light. When the storm finally hit, bringing with […]

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Addie ready for our summer road trip!

And we’re off!

So begins our summer road trip. After packing all of our camping gear into the car, I strapped Addison into her car seat. She seemed quite content surrounded by piles of gear :) We are now in Dublin, Virginia, spending the night in a Comfort Motel. We tried to do the trip to South Carolina […]

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I need some fake boobs for my bumper…

We were driving to school today, and a truck passed us with a set of fake balls swinging from the tow hitch. This was not the first time I’d seen fake, rubbery nuts on a car, but I am still completely bewildered by them. Who sees these things in a store and thinks, “hey, I’d […]

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Driving home from S.C.

We split the ride back into two days – mostly it was uneventful, but I did write the following two letters on the way home: Dear West Virginia, It’s only 3 inches of snow. One lane on the highway is unacceptable. Learn how to plow. Love, Massachusetts Dear weird man in the chevy truck with […]

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Canada Day!!!

Yesterday was Canada Day! (Think our fourth of July.) There were Canadian flags everywhere; these people take their Canada Day very seriously. We got up early and made out way to Cape Enrage, a little way down the road from Alma. As we cruised up the cliff side at the tip of the cape, we […]

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