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Addie watching the chef prepare food at Bollywood Grill.

Adventures In Dining Out With A Toddler

Tonight Kendra and I decided we were in the mood for Indian food. When I lived in Boston, good Indian food could be found in every neighborhood. Out in the burbs, it’s not as easy to find. Undeterred, we bundled up Addie, and headed to Bollywood Grill. Addie has had Indian leftovers before, and loved […]

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Rafal's interview at Babylon in Lowell, MA

Hard Truth, Levity, and Hope – Refugees in Lowell, MA

I grew up in an inner-city north of Boston. Though it had been a booming mill town during the Industrial Revolution, my hometown went through hard times when jobs went south, and then overseas. Over the years, it has been reborn several times, first as a hotbed of technology with Wang Laboratories at the heart […]

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Buck's of Woodside in CA.

Redwood City and a Wedding!

Kendra decided we should go out to eat for breakfast this morning, so Jen took us to Buck’s of Woodside. Located in an unassuming cluster of shops, the interior was completely unexpected. Nostalgia lined the walls and ceiling. The food was excellent – Kendra and Jen (that looks weird when I am not the Jen […]

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The Silver Bean, Cortez, CO.

The Silver Bean

As we drove out of Mesa Verde today, Kendra caught site of the coolest coffee shop we’ve ever seen! Located in Cortez, Colorado, the Silver Bean is housed in a vintage Airstream trailer. We HAD to stop! Inside was impressive – in addition to the barista area, there was seating for customers! We chatted with […]

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The Good Day Cafe in North Andover, MA.

The Good Day Cafe – Hooray!

Addison woke us up early today, so Kendra and I decided to take her for a walk to a fairly new café in our neighborhood – The Good Day Cafe. I was psyched to go check the place out, as yesterday Kendra brought me one of their cappuccinos and a yogurt parfait. Given I am […]

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For the last couple of years, Kendra and I have been frequenting a little hole in the wall in Methuen – Norm’s White Horse. The first time I drove by it, I thought it was a sketchy place for old men to drink beers and ogle the ladies – there are no windows on the […]

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Cafe Verde

Today I met up with Kendra and Addison at a fairly new cafe in Lawrence, MA – Cafe Verde. They were hanging out with our friend Meg, and Meg’s mom. Kendra had already eaten when I got there, but the food looked too good to resist, so I ordered a Croque-Madame sandwich – a grilled […]

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Lesbians love coffee shops…

It’s true. We love them as much as camping, tea, and even cats. Maybe it’s because as social workers, teachers and perpetual students, all we can afford is coffee. Regardless, we love them. The mother-in-law is in town for the weekend, so the wife and I took personal days so we could travel out to […]

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The Search for the Perfect Clams

Boris and Jane made it up to us yesterday! We are getting ready for a fun trip to Canada. Sadly enough, I have never actually been to Canada despite its proximity for my entire 31 years. Heck, I have been to Niagara Falls three times and I still haven’t made it to the other side […]

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