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Celebrating LGBTQfamilies with Mombian, Residence Inn, and the Family Equality Council

Blogging for LGBTQ Families 2014: We’re an Ordinary Two-Mom Family

When I first started participating in this event just three years ago, my wife Kendra and I were new moms, and only five states recognized same-sex marriage. Now that number has grown to 19, the federal government recognizes same-sex marriages, and we became a family of five when our twins were born last August. While […]

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Mama and the kids

Why We’re Filing a Joint Tax Return After 7 Years of Marriage

Kendra and I have been married for almost seven years; yet today, we did something for the very first time as a married couple. We filed a joint federal tax return. Though this may not seem like an exciting adventure, for us, it marked an amazing milestone. When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense […]

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Addie with her Love Leaf baby book

Book Review: Love Leaf Baby Books for LGBT Families

Kendra and I have yet to put together a baby book for Addison. We keep meaning to… we have great intentions… we just haven’t made the time. But I suppose we really should get to it so she doesn’t have to look up all her milestones on our Facebook status updates and tweets… Part of […]

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Mama, Mommy, and Addison

Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2012 – A Non-Bio Mom’s wish…

It’s hard to believe a year has already past since I wrote a post for the 2011 Blogging for LGBT Families Day. In some ways, our entrance into the world of parenting was rather unremarkable. Kendra and I settled into family life quite easily, facing no external opposition or discrimination, only love and support. However, […]

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Starbucks is my safe place…

I know. Right now you’re thinking, “What?!” The wife and I are road-tripping down to visit the in-laws in South Carolina, inevitably driving through parts of the country that scare me just a little bit. I grew up in the north, where not everyone totes a shotgun and Dunkin’ Donuts are on every corner. The […]

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