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Vale Reservation, Andover, MA-19

Snowshoeing at Vale Reservation, Andover, MA

We were hit with a surprise snowstorm Saturday which left us with five inches of fresh powder. Coupled with Sunday’s sunshine, conditions were perfect for a jaunt through the woods on snowshoes. Addie and I met my friend Jenn and her daughter Abby at Vale Reservation in Andover, MA. We entered the reservation from the […]

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Mazurenko Farm, North Andover, MA

Snowshoeing at Mazurenko Farm, North Andover, MA

With nearly two feet of fresh snow on the ground, Addie and I decided to hit the trail this weekend with our friends Sara and Kate. Continuing our quest to check out local trails, we explored Mazurenko Farm in North Andover, MA. This 104 acre conservation area abuts Reas pond, and includes two fields that are […]

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Kelty FC 1.0 Kid Carrier

Gear Review: Kelty Kids FC 1.0 Carrier

While hiking with Kendra’s parents in South Carolina, I got the opportunity to try out her mom’s Kelty Kids FC 1.0 Carrier with Addison. We went a on 3-mile hike on a easy trail with Addison riding in the carrier most of the way. She really seemed to enjoy the view from the pack – […]

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Hiking Weir Hill, carrying Addie in her Deuter Kid Carrie 3.

Weir Hill Hike

It has been much too long since I updated this blog. Having a baby will do that to you though. Though I could write pages about what it’s been like since Addison came into our lives, I am going to save that for a later time. Instead, I am going to pick up with where […]

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