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Transfer Day

Trying to Conceive, Round Two: Part II

This is the second post in our story of trying for baby number two. Click here to read the first post. With so many failed attempts, a miscarriage, and a chemical pregnancy, Kendra and I were not sure we wanted to continue trying for another child. Her body was paying a huge price physically, and […]

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Kendra's Fertility Meds

Trying to Conceive, Round Two: Part I

When Addie turned one, Kendra and I started talking about trying for a second kid. We had four vials of sperm left from the same donor we had used with Addie. We were lucky to have even that many – when I called to order more after Addie was conceived, I was told he was sold […]

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Kendra @ 27 Weeks

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We’ve got a baby girl!

We had a bit of a scare tonight – Kendra was experiencing some weird pain on her right side. After calling the doctor, then monitoring the baby and her pain for an hour, we were told to come into the hospital. Because it was late, we were seen right away. After a three hour stay, […]

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Kendra @ 23 Weeks!

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The Heartbeat!

Today Kendra had a regular appointment with the nurse practitioner. I couldn’t make it, so she recorded the baby’s heartbeat on her iPhone and sent it to me. Check it out! Baby Bauer’s beating heart… Keeping to her/his elusive ways, the heart rate was right in the middle between the average for boys and the […]

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Ten little fingers and toes…

Today we went for the 20 week ultrasound. It was amazing – I can’t believe how much Baby Bauer has grown!!! The doctor checked all of the anatomy, and everything looks great. We even got to see the four chambers of the heart – this kid is going to be strong! He/She was nestled on […]

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The Heartbeat

Kendra got to hear Baby Bauer’s Heartbeat! – our baby’s heart is AMAZING!

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12 weeks down…

Today we went for our 12 week ultrasound. It was so exciting – the baby is no longer a blob, but a little 2.5 inch being with legs and arms that waved and kicked the entire time! It was amazing to see the little heart beating, and the fingers and toes and head and spine. […]

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Cravings and Nausea…

Last night Kendra came home from the grocery store with a bag of 18 banana popsicles. Apparently they spoke to her.  She doesn’t even really like bananas.  These cravings are getting more bizarre by the day. On the flip side, tonight she told me to get away from her because the smell of the coffee […]

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