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The Donor Talk: When Kids Have a Sperm Donor

All three of our kids were conceived using sperm from the same anonymous open donor. We had a lot of reasons for choosing our donor, ranging from the frivolous (like me, his favorite sports team is the Red Sox and he loves mint chocolate chip ice cream), to the more practical, such as traits we […]

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twins turn one!

Happy Birthday Evan & Kate! The Twins Are One!

It’s hard to believe we are moms to one year old twins! So much has happened this past year – good, tough, and in between. These two have continued to shake things up since they came into the world with a bang on August 21, 2013! We had quite a few false alarms with the twins. […]

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Epic Hiking Fails

6 Reasons Our Hike With the Kids Was an Epic Fail

With 7-month old twins, and a three year-old, every venture out of the house has the potential for disaster and the opportunity to become an epic fail. Unexpected pooplosions, vomiting, crying, and myriad other obstacles are par for the course. Most times we get lucky and make it home in one piece. Every so often – […]

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Our Family - Christmas 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

2013 was an adventure in so many different ways. We started the year with a positive pregnancy test, quickly followed by an ultrasound that showed two babies. TWO BABIES! We knew the moment we saw those little hearts beating that life was about to change. Little did we know just how much. In many ways, […]

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Kendra wearing the Tenaya V-Neck Maternity Eco Tee from Mountain Mama

Gear Review: Mountain Mama Maternity Outdoor Apparel

We are honored to represent Mountain Mama, a small company in California owned by Teresa Delfin. An avid outdoor adventurer, Teresa founded Mountain Mama after her own frustrating experiences trying to find suitable active maternity wear during her first pregnancy. We love the company’s ideals – adherence to wilderness ethics, use of sustainable materials, low […]

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Hiking Woodchuck Hill in North Andover, MA

Love: Keeping Our Days In Focus

Every parent of twins I spoke to before Kate and Evan were born told me the same thing – the first year will be a blur. Just do your best and expect a lot of marital fights. Ten weeks in, Kendra and I are as solid as ever, both getting sleep (not tons, but enough […]

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Leaving the NICU with both twins!

Welcome to Our New Normal

Since the birth of the twins, we are slowly getting back to normal, though the definition of our new normal seems to be shifting daily. Evan came home two weeks ago, while Kate came home from the NICU this past Tuesday. With one twin at home, the other still in the hospital, and Kendra unable […]

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The Words No Parent Wants to Hear

“There are some issues with Evan’s echocardiogram.” Kendra took the initial phone call from the NICU nurse, called me, and relayed the message. There was something wrong with Evan’s heart, but they wouldn’t elaborate until I arrived at the hospital for his 8pm feeding. I hung up the phone and held back tears as I […]

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Feeding the twins.

The Beginning of Our Next Big Adventure!

The twins have arrived, and we are now officially a family of five! Two moms and their THREE little boos! Evan Felix (6lbs. 9oz., 18.25 inches) and Katelyn Joan (6lbs. 1oz., 18.5 inches) arrived via scheduled c-section on August 21 at 4:46pm and 4:48pm respectively. (Felix is in honor of Kendra’s grandfather, Felix Bauer, and […]

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Driving a budget rental truck

Coming Up For Air…

Kendra and I gambled a bit and bought a new house, knowing that we would be closing at the end of July. Even though the twins aren’t due until August 28th, most twins are delivered before 35 weeks, so moving into a new place as Kendra hit week 34 was definitely cutting it close. We […]

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