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Round 5

We were getting a little nervous because the State Championships are tomorrow, and as Head Coach, the Wife couldn’t really miss this race.  Luckily, she surged yesterday, so we went in for a relaxed, early morning insemination today.  It was by far the fastest, and most painful, insemination.  It was the most motile sample we’ve […]

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So that didn’t work…

I think the Wife getting her period the day BEFORE the blood test was a good sign that Round 4 didn’t work… the blood test just confirmed it.  We talked a lot about taking this round off, but eventually decided to go ahead. Who knows, maybe it’s actually fifth times a charm?

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Round 4

Today was terrible… well, really, yesterday was terrible.  The Wife had her LH surge, so we called Boston IVF.  They never returned our call and we got into a huge fight with the nurse on Sunday morning who refused to let us come in to inseminate.  She kept trying to blame us for their mistakes… […]

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Lots of crying…

Today the Wife had to go to Boston IVF on her own for the blood test.  When she called me hysterically crying, I felt guilty and helpless.  The stress of all of this is getting to be too much.  I can’t imagine how people go through this for years.  I really hope it doesn’t get […]

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Yes officer, that IS a vat of sperm in my backseat

So the Wife’s cycle has been very, very regular.  She’s has an LH surge in Sundays, and we inseminate on Mondays… (yes, I realize two times in a row doesn’t necessarily mean she’s regular, but it already feels like a pattern). Yesterday we both had crazy days.  She had to run all around northeastern Massachusetts […]

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I was wrong…

We did another blood tests today.  Given the number of negative pregnancy tests we had this week, it was no surprise when the blood work came back negative.  This is hard.  Two more weeks and we get to try again.  Awesome.

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Insemination Round #2

The first nurse was HORRIFIC!  The Wife was in pain, as was clear from her facial expressions and the numbness in my hand as she squeezed with power beyond her usual strength.  After fifteen minutes of proclaiming, “I don’t want to torture you,” nurse #1 gave up and fetched nurse Mary.  Suddenly the experience took […]

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Boys know nothing about sperm…

Woke up.  Wife peed on a stick.  Got a smiley face!  The shot seems to have worked… Last night we were watching my sister’s kids.  We took the four and two year old to a small outdoor concert while my Aunt watched the baby.  Because we were running late for our 9 o’clock injection time, […]

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Just call me nurse Jen…

The Wife went in for an ultrasound this morning.  Her left ovary has sprouted two follicles – one 20mm, and the other 14mm.  (Yes, I am secretly hoping for twins – so go follicles, go!) Tonight I have to give her a shot of Ovidrel so that her body will release the eggs… the instructions […]

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Who needs a rabbit foot – we’ve got a lucky egg!

Today we picked up the magical fertility egg from my sister. It’s actually a fancy bead that she got from one of her friends who said it’s supposed to help you get pregnant. Ever the skeptic, I didn’t buy into its powers until 3 people I know personally who were having trouble getting pregnant got […]

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