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Feeding the twins.

The Beginning of Our Next Big Adventure!

The twins have arrived, and we are now officially a family of five! Two moms and their THREE little boos! Evan Felix (6lbs. 9oz., 18.25 inches) and Katelyn Joan (6lbs. 1oz., 18.5 inches) arrived via scheduled c-section on August 21 at 4:46pm and 4:48pm respectively. (Felix is in honor of Kendra’s grandfather, Felix Bauer, and […]

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Our wedding day

From 13 Colonies to 13 States – the New American Revolution?

Yesterday was an incredible day – I am still reeling. Kendra and I woke up to the softly padding footsteps of our daughter, Addison. As she crawled into our bed, I turned to my wife and whispered, “Happy Birthday.” Addie followed suit. Not long after, my nieces and nephew who were spending the night awoke, […]

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Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2013

2013 Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Getting Creative

For Addison’s second birthday, my Auntie Debbie gave her a set of Fisher Price Little People. It was a bride and groom with a fancy carriage and wedding cake… and a second bride and groom, because she wanted Addison to be able to mix and match – two brides, two grooms, or a bride and […]

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Our same-sex marriage

Praying for Justice and Equality this Pesach

Today and tomorrow will be important day in U.S. History. This morning the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments for and against Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in California after it had been legalized, leaving many gay and lesbian couples in limbo. Tomorrow, they will hear arguments for and against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was enacted […]

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Celebrating with the judge after the adoption was official!

Adopting My Own Daughter – GLBT Adoption

Today was a special day for us – my adoption of Addison became official! It seems a bit ludicrous that I had to adopt my own child, but it was a necessary and important legal act to protect all of us. Why? Because even though my marriage to Kendra is legal in Massachusetts, and my […]

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6th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families.

6th Annual Blogging for LGBT Families Day!

Given the fact that I am one of two moms in an gay family, it only made sense to me to write a blog post today! When I first came out, it was really difficult, especially for my family. I think one of the things my mom mourned when she first found out I am […]

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My life through television…

Kendra and I watched the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode this morning. She loves the show. Me? Not so much – but I watch it anyway because I can’t get enough of the relationship between the characters Callie and Arizona. Though nowadays there are a lot more gay characters on television, it is rare that I […]

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Kendra @ 27 Weeks

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We’ve got a baby girl!

We had a bit of a scare tonight – Kendra was experiencing some weird pain on her right side. After calling the doctor, then monitoring the baby and her pain for an hour, we were told to come into the hospital. Because it was late, we were seen right away. After a three hour stay, […]

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Kendra @ 23 Weeks!

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