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Lesbians love coffee shops…

It’s true. We love them as much as camping, tea, and even cats. Maybe it’s because as social workers, teachers and perpetual students, all we can afford is coffee. Regardless, we love them. The mother-in-law is in town for the weekend, so the wife and I took personal days so we could travel out to […]

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Canada Day!!!

Yesterday was Canada Day! (Think our fourth of July.) There were Canadian flags everywhere; these people take their Canada Day very seriously. We got up early and made out way to Cape Enrage, a little way down the road from Alma. As we cruised up the cliff side at the tip of the cape, we […]

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The Search for the Perfect Clams

Boris and Jane made it up to us yesterday! We are getting ready for a fun trip to Canada. Sadly enough, I have never actually been to Canada despite its proximity for my entire 31 years. Heck, I have been to Niagara Falls three times and I still haven’t made it to the other side […]

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