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Yosemite National Park, California

7 Super Shots – Travel Photos Revisited

At the prompting of fellow blogger Sandra Foyt of Albany Kid, I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. I don’t often follow prompts for my blog posts, but I liked this particular challenge. It gave me the opportunity to dig through my old photos, and highlight a few that I love, yet haven’t […]

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Innsbruck, Lichtenstein and Luzern

We’ve had two more adventurous days!  We awoke yesterday to several inches of snow on the ground, and even more falling from the sky.  Though it made the driving slow, we easily made it to our first destination of the day – Neuschwanstein Castle.  Commissioned by King Ludwig II, the castle is perched high in […]

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Salzburg and Munich

The last two days have been quite a whirlwind.  We awoke very early on Sunday morning and set out for the Mauthausen concentration camp.  Three years ago, Kendra and I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau, yet even having been to another concentration camp, I was still not prepared for the emotions I felt in Mauthausen.  It was almost […]

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Valentine’s Day in Vienna

Happy Valentine’s Day! We had an easy morning that started with a breakfast of cornflakes, bologna, cheese, bread, juice, coffee and tea.  The kids were a bit surprised by the warm milk, but it didn’t stop them from clearing through the food.  While the kids were eating, I read them emails and messages from home, […]

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Willkommen to Vienna!

We had an easy flight into Vienna, and got to catch a glimpse of the snowcapped mountains that surround the city.  I was very excited when the first thing I saw upon departing the plane was a Starbucks!  Kendra and the kids moved along to baggage claim while I grabbed a quick mocha.  After picking […]

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Off to Ireland

Today was a day full of traveling. We started with a 3-hour flight from Vienna to Dublin, followed by a bus ride into Dublin, and a second bus ride to Athboy. I was so happy to see family! After getting my dress fitted, and a quick bite to eat at the Old Darnley Hotel, we […]

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Vienna, Austria – Day 2

Today was an emotional one for us. We started the day with breakfast in the Pension, and then set out with Derek for the Schonbrunn Palace. It was an easy ride on the U-Bahn. Though the sky was sunny when we got into the ticket line, by the time we exited into the gardens, it […]

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Vienna, Austria – Day 1

Last night we arrived in Vienna at about 7 pm. As we were standing in line for a Bankomat in the train station in Vienna, we literally bumped into our roommate from Prague. Derek did not have a plan for a hostel, so we told him to follow us to our hostel where surely he […]

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Traveling to Vienna

Today we were going to tour around Prague some more, but we decided  that we were just too tired.  Instead, we went to the train station at  about 10 and reserved a seat on a train to Vienna for early afternoon.  I  would love to say that we left and saw a few more sites […]

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Some thoughts…

I’m on the train, watching beautiful little Czech towns pass by, and thought I’d reflect a bit on our trip… so, things I have learned on this trip: 1. There is such a thing as too much cheese 2. I prefer the small towns of Europe to the touristy big-cities 3. Kendra and I make […]

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