Disclosure/Product Review Policies

I started this blog so our family could follow our adventures in Europe during the summer of 2006. Since then, it has evolved into my personal space on the web where I share our experiences, travels, opinions on everything to being a mom to great places to camp, and my photography. I have never accepted any form of payment for my writing, and all opinions are expressly my own. However, Kendra and I are both public school teachers, and any extra income is a great help toward pursuing our adventures.

Affiliate Programs

We have joined some affiliate programs, and many of the links to products on the site are affiliate links that earn us a small commission only when a reader clicks on a link, and then makes a purchase from the affiliate company.


If you’d like to send us a product to review, just contact me at jen@adventurousmoms.com. Our reviews are solely our own opinions, and the result of our personal experiences with the product. We will include pictures of the product in use. We will always disclose if we received the product from the company for the purpose of review.

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