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Healing after the Boston Marathon Bombings

I had a visceral reaction when I first found out about the bombings at the 117th Boston Marathon. The same fear, confusion, and grief I felt during 9/11 flooded my body. Like most Bostonians, I spent last Monday praying – praying for those who’d been killed or injured in the twin explosions at the finish line […]

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Rafal's interview at Babylon in Lowell, MA

Hard Truth, Levity, and Hope – Refugees in Lowell, MA

I grew up in an inner-city north of Boston. Though it had been a booming mill town during the Industrial Revolution, my hometown went through hard times when jobs went south, and then overseas. Over the years, it has been reborn several times, first as a hotbed of technology with Wang Laboratories at the heart […]

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A Blog by Any Other Name…

After a lot of thought and consideration, we have made the move to a new blog name! It was not an easy switch – I had to move everything over to a new domain name, and although WordPress allows you to import and export posts, the transition wasn’t 100% perfect. I am still working out […]

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