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Review of Legoland Discovery Center in Boston, MA

Review of LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Boston, MA

As a kid, I loved LEGOS®. I made houses, towers, cars, mini-cities – anything I could think of in my imagination. I rarely stayed on script, most often straying from the instructions that came packaged with a new set of LEGOS®. Flash-forward thirty years, and I’ve shared my love of LEGOS® with my three kids. Addie […]

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Photo Credit: Blue Man Group

Review: Blue Man Group – Boston

This show was epic. Awesome. And the best part? Addie loved it! Kendra and I had both seen Blue Man Group in the past, but watching it with Addie was like seeing it for the first time. Each time she giggled and leaned over to tell me the Blue Men were silly, I smiled. Never […]

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Sesame Street… Live!

Addie has not spent a lot of time watching television. Kendra and I made a conscious choice to keep her completely away from it for as long as possible. Now that she is 18 months, that’s not really feasible, though we still limit how much she watches each week. All the studies we’ve read indicate […]

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Indigo Girls in Concert!

Indigo Girls and Homophobes… a bad combination.

Tonight, Kendra and I left Addison with my sister and went to an Indigo Girls concert. Originally scheduled outside, the concert was moved indoors because of all of the rain we have been having lately. We ended up about 15 rows from the stage, which was awesome. I haven’t been that close during an Indigo […]

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Hey Mr. Sandman…

In high school, I got hooked on Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics. It was one of the few luxuries I afforded myself. When each new issue would come out, I would take it back to my dorm room, plop onto my bed, and savor the story. Ten years ago, when my uncle Patrick passed away I […]

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Night on the Town…

Kendra and I went out tonight! In exchange for a sushi dinner, my dear brother came over and watched Addison so we could go to a Girlyman show at the Driftwood Cafe in Plymouth. Though I am not a huge fan (I like the music, but I am not a Girlystalker, like our friend Meg), […]

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My life through television…

Kendra and I watched the latest Grey’s Anatomy episode this morning. She loves the show. Me? Not so much – but I watch it anyway because I can’t get enough of the relationship between the characters Callie and Arizona. Though nowadays there are a lot more gay characters on television, it is rare that I […]

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