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Noble View Winter Hiking, Russell, MA

Snowshoeing at AMC’s Noble View Outdoor Center, Russell, MA

Like most of the kids in my urban hometown, I did not grow up communing with nature. As an adult, I have come to seek refuge in the outdoors, and spend a great deal of time hiking and camping. Knowing how much I have benefitted from hanging out in nature, last year I started an […]

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Addie making biscuits with Grandmama

Cooking with a Toddler?!

This morning Addie made biscuits with her Grandmama. I have never thought to make biscuits with Addie for a couple of reasons. First, I am from the north, and quite frankly, I have never actually made a biscuit. Cakes… yes. Cookies… yes. But biscuits? You only can get those at Cracker Barrel. Second, it never […]

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