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Hanging out with Mosbey in the Temple Bar district of Dublin, Ireland.

Last Day in Ireland

Yesterday afternoon we saw everyone off at the Dublin airport. We spent the night hanging out with Cristin, her boyfriend, and Mosbey in the Temple Bar district. Kendra and I then headed back to the hostel at which we spent our first night in Dublin six weeks ago. It’s hard to believe how much we […]

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Post-Wedding Fun

Everyone is exhausted. Yesterday was the wedding and it was fantastic!!! The ceremony was at 2pm in St. Brigid’s Church in Trim. Typical of a Catholic Wedding, it was a little over an hour long, however the priest was great. Everything and everyone looked so beautiful, especially Chrissy – she was the perfect bride! After […]

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Touring Trim, Ireland

We spent most of today touring Trim and the surrounding countryside with Auntie Debbie and Uncle Jerry. Built on the banks of the River Boyne, Trim was first founded in the 5th century AD. We started with Trim Castle, which is a magnificient ruin. Originally built in 1176 AD by Hugh de Lacy and his […]

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The Irish Countryside

Today was a very relaxed day. We began with breakfast at the B&B with the Durkin’s. While the guys went golfing, we ladies (Kendra, me, Chrissy, Aunt Maryann, and Maryann Durkin) took a bus tour of County Meath. We tried to get into Newgrange, but there were too many tourists. Instead, we watched a short […]

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Off to Ireland

Today was a day full of traveling. We started with a 3-hour flight from Vienna to Dublin, followed by a bus ride into Dublin, and a second bus ride to Athboy. I was so happy to see family! After getting my dress fitted, and a quick bite to eat at the Old Darnley Hotel, we […]

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Vienna, Austria – Day 2

Today was an emotional one for us. We started the day with breakfast in the Pension, and then set out with Derek for the Schonbrunn Palace. It was an easy ride on the U-Bahn. Though the sky was sunny when we got into the ticket line, by the time we exited into the gardens, it […]

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Vienna, Austria – Day 1

Last night we arrived in Vienna at about 7 pm. As we were standing in line for a Bankomat in the train station in Vienna, we literally bumped into our roommate from Prague. Derek did not have a plan for a hostel, so we told him to follow us to our hostel where surely he […]

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Traveling to Vienna

Today we were going to tour around Prague some more, but we decided  that we were just too tired.  Instead, we went to the train station at  about 10 and reserved a seat on a train to Vienna for early afternoon.  I  would love to say that we left and saw a few more sites […]

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Some thoughts…

I’m on the train, watching beautiful little Czech towns pass by, and thought I’d reflect a bit on our trip… so, things I have learned on this trip: 1. There is such a thing as too much cheese 2. I prefer the small towns of Europe to the touristy big-cities 3. Kendra and I make […]

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Prague, Czech Republic

We arrived in Prague at about 7am after a not so restful night on the train. We took a quick snapshot on the platform with our Canadian friends, Mark and Carol, and waved goodbye. Yet again, I found myself completely relying on Jen to get us from the train station to our hostel. She always […]

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