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Mice on Main

Finding the Mice on Main in Greenville, SC!

There is a neat little scavenger hunt in Greenville, South Carolina that we have wanted to do with the kids for years – finding the Mice on Main – nine small bronze sculptures hidden along Main Street in downtown Greenville. The story behind the mice is pretty neat – in 2000, a local kid, Jimmy Ryan, […]

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How to Find Adventure in the Everyday

How to Find Adventure in the Everyday

Once upon a time, before we had kids, on the spur of the moment Kendra and I would pull on our hiking boots, grab our backpacks, and head off to hike in the woods. Nowadays, our window of opportunity is a lot smaller thanks to nap times, early intervention appointments, and different work schedules. Not […]

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Addie feeding the hens at Appleton Farms, Ipswich, MA

Meet the Cows at Appleton Farms in Ipswich, MA!

Addie loves milk more than almost anything else – food or drink. She must get it from me. As a kid I easily drank two gallons per week. Our fridge was perpetually out of milk because I had just topped off two glasses during dinner or chugged a glass with my snack. Additionally, we both […]

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Mary French Reservation in Andover, MA

Hiking the Bay Circuit Trail, Andover, MA

Kendra’s parents are up visiting from South Carolina, so we decided to take a Boxing Day hike! We brought along our friend Janet’s five year old daughter, Elizabeth, which thrilled Addie. She loves having a partner in crime when exploring nature. We began at the Mary French Reservation in Andover, MA, and followed the Bay […]

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Addie climbing a tree at the Stevens-Coolidge Place.

National Walking Day – 3 Activities For Family Fun

I never met my Pop – my maternal grandfather. He died from a massive heart attack the year before I was born. Just 46 years old, he left behind eight children, the youngest of whom was eight. His death was a shock to everyone. He was a varsity athlete in high school, and went on […]

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