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JUNO 2015

Juno 2015 Was the Perfect Storm!

Well, winter has finally come to Massachusetts! Juno 2015 brought us over two feet of snow, and three snow days off from school last week. We spent the day of the storm safely tucked inside, playing games, cooking, making crafts, and napping. Once night had fallen, the storm had slowed down, and we’d put the kids to sleep, Kendra […]

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Sledding on Carter Hill, North Andover, MA

Sledding at Carter Hill, North Andover, MA

My niece Jada has never been sledding. Granted, she was born in Grenada, and has spent the last ten years living in North Carolina, so I suppose she has a good excuse. But STILL! As her aunt, I felt it was my responsibility to give her a taste of New England winter fun while she was […]

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