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Kendra wearing the Tenaya V-Neck Maternity Eco Tee from Mountain Mama

Gear Review: Mountain Mama Maternity Outdoor Apparel

We are honored to represent Mountain Mama, a small company in California owned by Teresa Delfin. An avid outdoor adventurer, Teresa founded Mountain Mama after her own frustrating experiences trying to find suitable active maternity wear during her first pregnancy. We love the company’s ideals – adherence to wilderness ethics, use of sustainable materials, low […]

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Vienna, Austria – Day 1

Last night we arrived in Vienna at about 7 pm. As we were standing in line for a Bankomat in the train station in Vienna, we literally bumped into our roommate from Prague. Derek did not have a plan for a hostel, so we told him to follow us to our hostel where surely he […]

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Traveling to Vienna

Today we were going to tour around Prague some more, but we decided  that we were just too tired.  Instead, we went to the train station at  about 10 and reserved a seat on a train to Vienna for early afternoon.  I  would love to say that we left and saw a few more sites […]

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Prague, Czech Republic

We arrived in Prague at about 7am after a not so restful night on the train. We took a quick snapshot on the platform with our Canadian friends, Mark and Carol, and waved goodbye. Yet again, I found myself completely relying on Jen to get us from the train station to our hostel. She always […]

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Today was a difficult day for both of us – we traveled to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp outside of Krakow. The sheer number of people visiting the camp surprised me. At first, the crowds made it hard to get any kind of feeling, because we seemed to be shuffled from one room to the next. […]

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A Tribute to my Grandfather – Felix Bauer

My grandfather died today. I arrived back at the hostel to receive the news via email from my father. I can’t go home to be with my family to morn his death. I mourned the death of his parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins today at Auschwitz, and now I morn for him. Felix Bauer: Do […]

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Farewell, Budapest

Is it already August? Today Jen and I packed our bags and headed for the train station. It is amazing how we feel like we know a city after using the public transportation for 48 hours or so. We hop easily from road to tram to bus. It’s nice to have a sense of direction. […]

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Budapest, Hungary

We are currently sitting outside at a table complete with candlelight and beer. We just finished our first meal of Hungarian goulash, and Jen loved it. We are exhausted from our day of sightseeing and sun. The morning started with a quick subway ride to a more central location in Pest. We strolled the streets […]

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Budapest in the Evening

We arrived in Budapest just in time for the rain to come down on us during our walk to our Hostel. Not the greeting we were looking for, but a welcome temperature drop we did not mind. We bumped into Christy on our way through the grey streets of Pest. The hostel is seemingly in […]

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A Quiet Day

Today it was nice to be back at the dorm. We took the day to sleep and recover from our trip to Innsbruck. I read for most of the day to prepare for the week of classes. Jen worked on our short video about hiking through the alps. We shared a meal at a vegan […]

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