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Hiking in Obertraun, Austria.In 2006, Kendra and I set off on a six-week European adventure. With a shoe-string budget, we knew the trip would make or break our engagement. One marriage, lots more trips and adventures, and three kids later, we are still going strong. I started this blog during that first trip, hoping to chronicle our escapades for our families back in the states. What started out as fun became my passion, and now I write about our travels, adventures, life as gay moms, and our four kids – Addison, Evan, Kate & Veronica. These days our adventures are getting more exciting, and we have added the role of ambassadors for Tubbs Snowshoes to our lives.

As a two-mom family, we often get questions about how we had our kids. You can read about our decision to become parents here, and about how the twins were conceived here.

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My writing is also featured on several other blogs and websites, including the Huffington Post, Outdoor Families MagazinetheBump, National Park Foundation, Travel Mamas, BonBon Break, FamiliesGO!, and VillageQ. I’ve even won a few awards!

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