Finding the Mice on Main in Greenville, SC!

There is a neat little scavenger hunt in Greenville, South Carolina that we have wanted to do with the kids for years – finding the Mice on Main – nine small bronze sculptures hidden along Main Street in downtown Greenville.

Finding the Mice on Main in Greenville SCThe story behind the mice is pretty neat – in 2000, a local kid, Jimmy Ryan, came up with the idea to place the nine sculptures along Main Street as a tribute to one of his favorite childhood stories, Goodnight Moon, which has nine mice hidden throughout the book. Jimmy teamed up with a local sculptor, Zan Wells, and the project was a success. 

Kendra first showed me one of the mice years ago, just outside of one of her favorite hangouts from her teenage years – Coffee Underground.

Mice on Main Coffee Underground

When Addie was born, we bought the bookMice on Main, and a bronze sculpture for her, but never got around to actually looking for the mice. However, with the warm weather during our trip to Greenville this week, we decided it was finally time to find the Mice on Main. Of course, the twins managed to fall asleep on the drive to the big city, so they slept in their Ergo-baby carriers while Addie and her cousin Olivia went on the hunt!

We started at the Hyatt Regency, where there is a list of clues just inside the building. It is also on the Mice on Main website. Though the hints are helpful, they have you crisscrossing the street, so I have reordered them the way we found the mice – by going down one side of Main Street, and returning up the other side. Much easier with kids in tow!

Begin your search on North Main outside of the hotel restaurant where a fountain makes a wall of water. You’ll find the father mouse, Marvin, reading his book. He can’t hide–take a good look!

Walk a bit. You’ll see Marvin, Jr. at the top of the stairs where coffee lovers and computer gurus meet and poets love to count their feet.

Mice on Main

Millie’s a high “high-tech” girl. You’ll really have to search, but give it a whirl.

Mice on Main

Watch out! Mitch does his skateboarding in the bank’s alley. You’ll be lucky to find him; don’t dally.

Mice on Main

Mifflin’s husband, Uncle Miles, loves to eat Italian. He’s by the rain spout. If you’ve found him, give a shout!

Mice on Main

Across the street You’ll find Aunt Mifflin where there’s money. She’s looking at the flowers, honey.

Mice on Main

There’s healthy stuff along the way. That’s where Melissa loves to play.

Mice on Main

Marcley’s somewhere near the One Main Street plaza. Look around. You’ll find him there.

Mice on Main

Don’t get fooled by the orange Clemson mouse in the storefront window!

Mice on Main

This is the real Marcley!

Mother Maggie is just across, sitting where she can see Marvin. When she looks down the street, she can see their five baby mice, placed here and there, all so sweet.

Mice on MainAddie and Olivia had a blast finding the mice. Heck, we all did! The twins even woke up for the last half of the hunt, and loved searching with the “big kids.” We celebrated our success with ice cream! This was such a great activity, and a neat way to get kids of all ages exploring the downtown and enjoying the outdoors.

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  1. Mary Walsh December 31, 2016 at 7:44 pm #

    Really great photography of a terrific artistic creation and some priceless smiles. Thank you.

  2. midlifenatalie January 15, 2017 at 8:55 pm #

    I LOVE this! I’m a kindergarten teacher and a children’s book lover. I am new to your blog and have enjoyed getting to know you guys! I have committed to finding some good blogs and faithfully comment on them.

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