#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother’s Day

We love cards in this house. Kendra has been known to come home from browsing the Hallmark aisle at CVS with anywhere from ten to twenty new cards. Heck, we even have a fancy card box to categorize them by occasion. So when Hallmark asked us to be part of their #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign, we couldn’t resist. They sent us a selection of mother’s day cards to give out to the special moms in our lives…

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

Momo aka Dee Dee

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's DayOnce a week, my mom comes to our house to watch the twins while Kendra and I are at work. While she’s here she also folds our laundry, cleans the kitchen, and makes a huge homemade dinner big enough for days of leftovers. She likes to call herself the granny nanny. I just call her amazing. She was no different when raising my siblings and me. Somehow she managed to juggle everything – from working and keeping the house clean to driving us to all our activities and being our biggest cheerleader. That’s why this card is perfect for her! Even as she’s being an amazing grandmother, she’s still the most awesome of all the moms.

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

“To the best mom and grandma a family could ever have. We love you.

So one of the problems with Hallmark cards is that it’s hard to pick just one. (Is that really a problem?) When I saw this one in the pile, I knew my mom would be getting two cards for Mother’s Day. As kids, my sister and I loved to bake with my mom – and the sweet reward was always getting to lick the beaters.

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

“Great moms turn the mixer off first.”

Auntie Debbie aka Auntie Nan

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's DayAuntie Debbie, my mother’s sister, is warm, loving, and kind. Before I was ever an aunt, she taught me about the powerful bond between a niece and her auntie. Like my mother, my auntie has been my cheerleader from day one, and is always there when I need help or advice. I aspire to be like her with my own nieces and nephew. These days she has added another title to her name – all of the great nieces and nephews call her Auntie Nan. It’s an incredible feeling to watch my wife and kids experience the same unconditional love auntie has always given to me. So for this Mother’s Day she is getting this card, because auntie is the Queen of our Hearts!

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

“You give us so much to be thankful for… you give us so much to celebrate.”

Kim aka Auntie Kim

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's DayMy sister is an awesome mom – and an incredible auntie to our kids. Addie is convinced that Auntie Kim loves her the best, because Kim makes her feel like she is the best. Kim is my kids’ Auntie Debbie – enveloping them in love and happiness or scooping them up when they are sad and kissing away their tears. She loves my kids like they are her own! That’s why this card is perfect for her – because Kim embodies a mother’s heart.

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

“Wishing you a Mother’s Day that makes you feel so loved in return.”

Grammy aka Great

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's DayAt 46 years old, my grandfather passed away, leaving my Grammy to raise their eight kids as a single mom. Though the oldest three kids (my mom and auntie Debbie included) were already on their own, Grammy was there for her five younger boys, while doing double duty to her grandchildren. (20 in all by the time her own children had all grown up!) Now she’s a great-grandmother to nineteen! So for this Mother’s Day, we are giving her this card because she truly is loved and admired!

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

“Celebrating you today,”

Janiack aka Grandmama

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's DayMy mother-in-law truly is a Janiack. I have never met a woman who does so. many. things. When she’s not playing her flute at a concert, she’s gardening, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, swimming laps, traveling with my father-in-law, or off doing activities in her “spare” time. She makes the rest of us look boring. And a little bit lazy. Just thinking about everything she does makes me want to take a nap. So this is the card she’s getting for Mother’s Day – because I am pretty sure this is the outfit she wears under her clothing!

#PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother's Day

“Thanks for using your powers for good.”

So how will you put your heart to paper this Mother’s Day? Need some inspiration? Check out this amazing video from Hallmark’s #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign.

Crying yet? Get some tissues before you watch the rest of the videos!

So what will you write to the special women in your life this Mother’s Day? Leave us a comment below!

Disclaimer: We received these cards complimentary from Hallmark as part of their #PutYourHeartToPaper campaign. Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions are our own.

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2 Responses to #PutYourHeartToPaper With Hallmark for Mother’s Day

  1. Sara May 9, 2015 at 8:22 am #

    I think that a lot of people tend to focus on their own mothers and themselves on mother’s day. It is nice to see someone appreciate all the mothers in their lives. Happy Mother’s Day to Kendra and you!

  2. Janeiack May 9, 2015 at 3:41 pm #

    Thank you so much for the lovely tribute to your “moms”. Our family is blessed.

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