Kidecals Personalized Labels Product Review

Once your kids are old enough to go to day-care, or school, or camp, you start to realize you need to label everything they own. EVERYTHING. Because sometimes their backpack is one of six Frozen backpacks that look exactly the same.

There are a couple of options for labeling – old school iron-on/sew-on labels or writing your kid’s name over and over with a sharpie marker.


Of course, the problem with Sharpies is that they wash off in the dishwasher after awhile. And you can’t write on sweaters if they have no tags. And iron or sew-on labels are great for clothing, but not all the other things that need to be labeled – like thermoses and water bottles. Plus, we are too lazy to take the time to iron or sew on labels (sorry kiddos!), so scrawling names with a Sharpie has been our go to method – until we were introduced to Kidecals.

Kidecals are printed labels for your kid’s stuff that stick on like a sticker! I may be lazy, but not too lazy to peel and stick! We had a sheet of labels made for Addison’s belongings, and stuck them on everything she owned – water bottles, backpack, and clothing.


Though Kidecals supposedly can go on anything and resist peeling off despite wear and tear or repeated rounds in the dishwasher, washing machine, or dryer, I was skeptical. I mean, how many stickers have I tried to peel off of things that have either half-heartedly come off (leaving sticker and or residue behind), or come off much to easily, when I don’t want them to?

So we put Addie’s stuff, and the Kidecals, to the test. They’ve been through the washer, dryer, and dishwasher loads of times over a period of six months.

What We Liked

Durability: Months later and they look as new as the day we put them on, and are staying stuck. No peeling!

Ease of Use: Just peel and stick! And my hand isn’t tired from writing Addison’s name on everything.

Kids Dig It: Addie loves this product too – in fact, she took over labeling her things for us!

Multiple Uses: Kidecals aren’t just limited to kids – you can make customized labels for anything you need. So put away your iron and sewing kit, throw away your sharpies, and stick away!



I do have one tip – they work best on the tags of clothing, rather than the clothing itself. It’s just easier to apply, and there is no give in the fabric like there is with knit sweaters.

Though Kidecals provided us with a complimentary sheet of name labels for testing purposes, our review of the product is based solely on our own experiences and opinions

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