10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous TotsWith the holidays right around the corner, we’ve been thinking about what to get Addison, Evan and Kate for Christmas and Hanukkah. All three of our kids love the outdoors, and exploring the world around them, so we try to get gifts that they can use on our adventures.

Looking for gift ideas for your own little ones? Check out our 10 Holiday gift ideas for adventurous tots!

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots1. Snowshoes

There is one way that always gets Addie pumped to get outside during the winter – a snowshoeing hike. Our 4-year-old loves her Tubbs Snowflake snowshoes. Now that she’s outgrown them, she using the Tubbs Snowglow snowshoes, and the twins will be taking their first snowshoe hikes in their own set of snowflakes. Snowshoes are a great way to get kids outside during the snowy months – the learning curve is quick and kids love romping through the snow. It’s an awesome winter activity the entire family can enjoy together.

2. Binoculars

I had no idea Addison was interested in birds until she picked out a birding book at our local library book sale. And what better way to see birds than with binoculars? Even if your kids think birds are… for the birds… binoculars are fun! You can use them to check out the mountains in the distance or search for wildlife. Addie has inexpensive binoculars from Amazon.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots3. Backpack

One of the first things Addison ever asked for was her own “pack-back.” Finding one tiny enough for her body was not easy, but we settled on the Camelbak Kids’ Mini M.U.L.E Hydration Pack. At just 8.5 oz. (not including the weight of a filled hydration bladder), and just enough room to carry a few snacks and a sweatshirt, it’s the perfect pack for a young hiker. Addie loves that she can carry her own water and lizard clip-on flashlight, and has a place to put special rocks she finds for her collection.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots4. Balance or Trailer Bike

Who needs training wheels? Or pedals, for that matter? Not our kids. Balance bikes are a great way for kids to learn how to bike. Addie has had hers since she was just under two. Strider Bikes makes awesome balance bikes for all ages – 18 months and up. If your little one is ready for a bigger ride, try a trailer bike. Addie started riding hers this summer, just before she turned four. She loves it, and it’s a great way for us to do a 15 mile ride as a family. Adams Trail-a-Bike makes a few great options – including a tandem trailer bike that we want to get for the twins when they are old enough!

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots5. Digital Camera

What better way to capture an adventure than with a digital camera? Addie started with a fairly indestructible Fisher-Price Kid-Tough See Yourself Camera. Now that’s she is a bit older, and has shown she can be responsible with a camera, we are looking into getting her a digital point & shoot.

6. Bug Collecting Kit

Because what kid doesn’t love bugs? Addie loves hunting for bugs in our backyard to examine. Her bug kit includes a small plastic box to keep her specimens, a magnifying glass, plastic tweezers, and a flashlight. You can buy the components individually, or as a pre-packaged kit. Target usually has bug collecting items in their dollar bins, or you can buy a pre-made kit online at Amazon.

10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots7. Gardening Tools

There are lots of great reasons to garden with kids, and what better way to get them excited for spring planting than their very own gardening tools? A simple canvas bag with tot-sized gloves, shovel, and a watering can is all you need for this cute gift idea. To make it extra-special, add in a few packs of vegetable and flower seeds.

8. Telescope

This is on our list for Addie this year. She’s become very interested in the moon and stars, and loves to look at the night sky. We are planning on a fairly portable telescope, like the Celestron 70mm Travel Scope, so we can take it on our camping adventures.

9. Books

10. Stocking Stuffers

  • Flashlight
  • Wool Socks
  • Water Bottle

Did we miss anything you would include? Give us a shout via a comment!

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7 Responses to 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Adventurous Tots

  1. Janeiack November 20, 2014 at 6:53 am #

    Really like the included book list. Hope lots of families are reading your blogs. Love how you manage the winter sports with little ones.

  2. Kate November 20, 2014 at 12:44 pm #

    Great ideas! I not only want to invest in some snoeshoes for myself, but my 3-year old too–was super curious to see how toddlers/preschoolers do with them, but it sounds like it doesn’t take much for them to catch on!

    • Jen November 30, 2014 at 10:58 am #

      Snowshoes are awesome – Addie has been snowshoeing since she was 2! She loves it, and the learning curve is easy-peasy :)


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