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This show was epic. Awesome. And the best part? Addie loved it! Kendra and I had both seen Blue Man Group in the past, but watching it with Addie was like seeing it for the first time. Each time she giggled and leaned over to tell me the Blue Men were silly, I smiled.

Blue Man GroupNever in a million years would I have thought to take our three-year old to see Blue Man Group, but I am so glad we did. We had a fantastic time! Not only is the performance very kid-friendly, it beautifully straddles the line between humor geared toward adults and kid entertainment, making it an enjoyable experience for all ages. Not to mention, the ushers are both friendly and uber-helpful. They even brought Addie a booster seat so she could see better.

Though I couldn’t recall all of the details of the show from when I first saw it over a decade ago, I remembered it being loud. Very loud. And it still is – but, there are complimentary earplugs and earmuffs for anyone who wants them. I went sans ear protection, but Kendra wore the ear plugs and Addie wore earmuffs. Even during the loudest moments of the show, Addie was not startled or scared.

Blue Man GroupWhen we arrived at the Charles Playhouse, Addie was immediately attracted to the new light and sound installation in the “Lounge-U-Lum.” She spent some time playing with the interactive light and sound panels before and after the show.

It’s hard to describe the show itself – it’s a mixture of art, music, dancing, and partying all rolled into one hilarious, fun, loud, bright package. Unlike a lot of theatre performances, the audience is expected to interact with the performers, which makes for an even more dynamic experience. We got to pull streams of paper off the walls, play with gigantic beach balls, and dance in our seats. A few lucky folks were selected to go on stage. Every time the Blue Men walked through the audience to pick out a volunteer, Addie stood on her seat and waved. She wanted to get on stage in the worst way – it was too cute.

Photo Credit: Blue Man Group

Photo Credit: Blue Man Group

Photo Credit: Blue Man Group

Photo Credit: Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group National Tour - ©Paul Kolnik

Blue Man Group National Tour – ©Paul Kolnik

Addie meeting a Blue ManAfter the show, Addie and all the other kids got to meet the Blue Men!

We all had an awesome time, and I would highly recommend catching a performance!

Know Before You Go

The Boston BMG show is recommended for kids five and older – in addition to the loudness, at points there are bright strobe lights. It might be sensory overload for some kids.

You can ask the usher for complimentary booster seats and earplugs/earmuffs.

Food and beverages can be purchased in the “Lounge-U-Lum,” and may be consumed during the show! Always a plus when the little ones can eat during a performance!

There is no break for intermission, and the show lasts 90-105 minutes.

Box Office Information

The Charles Playhouse is located at 74 Warrenton Street, Boston, MA 02116. Box Office hours are as follows:

  • Non-show days: 12pm – 6pm
  • Evening Show Weekdays: 12pm – 8:30pm
  • Saturday: 12pm – 8:30pm
  • Sunday: 12pm – 5:30pm (or 8:30 if there is an 8pm show)

*Box Office Hours subject to change due to performance schedule.

You can also purchase tickets online.

Disclaimer: Though Blue Man Group provided us with free tickets, our review of the performance is based on our own opinions

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