Gear Review: duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs

Duraflame Roasting LogsChemicals. Toxic. Cheating. These are the words that come to mind when I think of popping a duraflame log into the fire pit when camping. I prefer an old-fashioned fire started with the spark of magnesium shavings as they catch on kindling collected from the campsite. Needless to say, I was skeptical when asked to review a fairly new duraflame product – duraflame Campfire Roasting Logs. However, after doing some research, I realized it was time to put aside my preconceptions and see what duraflame had to offer.

What makes the roasting logs different from previous duraflame products is that they are safe to cook with. Made from 100% renewable resources – real wood charcoal and recycled sawdust, combined with renewable bio wax – these campfire roasting logs are green. According to duraflame, four campfire roasting logs provide the burning equivalent of a 24lb. bundle of firewood, and last for two hours.

Though they also can be used in outdoor fire pits and campsite fire rings, we used the duraflame campfire roasting logs in our fireplace after an afternoon snowshoeing adventure. I placed two logs on the grate and using just one match, lit the paper wrapping on both. They immediately caught fire and began burning. We then ate dinner so as to give time for the logs to burn, as per the instructions which suggest waiting 45-60 minutes before cooking food over the logs. I thought the fire was going to burn out, and we’d need another match, but sure enough when we finished eating, the fire was still burning. We added a third log, and suddenly had a fire that would rival one made from firewood.

Duraflame Roasting Logs in Action

Duraflame Roasting Logs KitAlong with the campfire roasting logs, duraflame sent us a lovely marshmallow roasting kit to use for our review. Our friends Sara and Kate helped us test out the products. We tore into the marshmallows, slid them onto the roasting sticks, and got started making s’mores. I’ll admit, the roasting logs were pretty awesome – my marshmallows toasted beautifully as I turned them near the coals. Sara was a bit more bold and managed to flambe her marshmallows when she put them into the flames. The s’mores were awesome – the marshmallows tasted great. Contrary to all of my expectations, the logs didn’t smell much different from firewood, and there was no weird after taste when we ate the marshmallows.

As promised, the logs easily lasted two hours. We saved the fourth one for the next time we go camping because the duraflame campfire roasting logs are much easier to light than firewood. As the coals began to die down, we used our bundle of firewood for the rest of the evening. The difference in burn time was quite glaring – the duraflame campfire roasting logs needed no tending, and provided a decent fire, yet the firewood needed to be replenished frequently, and the fire waned as the logs turned to charcoal.

We will be adding duraflame campfire roasting logs to our shopping list for future camping trips. Usually we spend $15-$20 per night for firewood, easily burning through four or five bundles. At just $5.99 a bundle, the campfire roasting logs will be a cheaper option.

Addie getting ready to make s'mores.

Though duraflame provided us with the Campfire Roasting Logs and s’more kit, our review of the product is based on our own opinions.

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  1. twogromsandamom January 9, 2014 at 12:39 am #

    My preconceptions are the same as yours! So what are the logs made of? Is there a secret ingredient besides wood? Thanks for another great post.

  2. writeidea8 January 15, 2014 at 4:07 am #

    This was great information. We often have the same issue with going through a lot of firewood but not wanting to use the Duraflame stuff because of the chemicals. As we begin planning our camping season we will most definitely check out the new product. Thank you.


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