7 Awesome Snow Activities to Get Kids Outdoors This Winter

There’s no need to stop enjoying the great outdoors just because there is a foot of snow outside and the temperatures have dropped. Bundle up the kids, and try out these great family friendly snow activities!


You don’t need much snow to go sledding – even a thin layer will give you enough speed for a downhill thrill. And finding a hill is never that hard. My sister and I made do with the tiny drop in our backyard, and as we got older, the big hill at a nearby golf club. You don’t even need a proper sled – in high school my friends and I used to steal the plastic trays from the dining hall and slide down the small hill on the side of the school’s chapel. Heck, even cardboard works!

Elizabeth sledding at Carter Hill

Rolling Down Hills

What kid doesn’t love rolling down a hill? Add snow, and it’s even more fun! This one’s great for the kids who are too little for sledding solo.

Building Snowmen

Always a classic snow activity – all you need is snow that is moist enough to hold a shape. Start by making a snowball, then rolling it in the snow – it will get bigger as the snow packs together. Make three, stacking one atop of the other. Carrots make great noses, buttons or small rocks are perfect for eyes and mouths, and twigs work well for arms. Bonus points if you can round-up a scarf or hat (or both!) to make your snowman look extra-jaunty.

Building Snowmen

Building Snow Castles

Who says you need to put away the beach toys during the winter? Dig out the pails, shovels, and sand castle molds and put them to good use in the snow!

Building snow castles

Blowing Bubbles

Bubbles are another summer favorite that are equally as awesome during the winter. If it’s cold enough, they’ll freeze, which means they float in the sky much longer, and break up into colorful crystals when they do pop. You can even hold a frozen bubble.

Blowing bubbles in the snow

Frozen bubble


This is an easy family activity that allows you to hike during the winter months. We own our snowshoes, but you can rent them from places like REI, or a x-country ski center before making any investments.

Addie and Mama snowshoeing.

Addie making snow angelsSnow Angels

Another great one, especially for the little kids – plop on your back, move your arms and legs up and down, and voilà – a snow angel!

These are just some way to get your kids outside during the winter months. There are tons of other ideas – “painting” the snow using spray bottles filled with water and food coloring; making snow ice-cream; building forts and having snowball fights; and so much more!

When the fun winds down, and the cold starts to seep through hats and mittens, make sure you have plenty of hot chocolate and mini-marshmallows on hand to help everyone defrost!

How do you and your kids have fun in the snow?

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  1. SC gDad February 4, 2014 at 8:21 am #

    8. Sprinkle sunflower seeds on the snow and watch and identify the birds, possibly a squirrel or two, from inside where it’s warm and cozy.

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