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Our Family - Christmas 2013

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

2013 was an adventure in so many different ways. We started the year with a positive pregnancy test, quickly followed by an ultrasound that showed two babies. TWO BABIES! We knew the moment we saw those little hearts beating that life was about to change. Little did we know just how much. In many ways, […]

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Sledding on Carter Hill, North Andover, MA

Sledding at Carter Hill, North Andover, MA

My niece Jada has never been sledding. Granted, she was born in Grenada, and has spent the last ten years living in North Carolina, so I suppose she has a good excuse. But STILL! As her aunt, I felt it was my responsibility to give her a taste of New England winter fun while she was […]

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Playing with trains at the Wenham Museum

Family Fun at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA

Quite some time ago, we received free passes to go to the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA. Though we kept meaning to visit, something always seemed to pop up and derail our plans. However, this weekend our thirteen year-old niece Jada came up to visit us from North Carolina, and we finally put the passes […]

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5 Lives to Remember

Five Lives to Remember and Celebrate in 2013

I was so ready to write a Christmas post today – all about our new traditions and old. We had a fantastic Christmas this year, doubly joyful with the blessing of our four-month old twins – Evan and Kate. We have so much to be thankful for – a new home, our children and families, […]

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Holiday Gift Guide - 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for the Last Minute Shopper

We’re down to seven more shopping days before Christmas, and if you’re anything like me, you’re not finished buying presents for everyone on your list. With the clock ticking on the number of days left you can make a purchase online and still have a gift delivered by the 24th, it’s time to get shopping! […]

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Carter Hill - North Andover, MA

Hiking Carter Hill, North Andover, MA

Last weekend Addie and I had a mission – to make our first video gear review. We needed a quiet place to hike so we could film without excess noise. I also wanted to try out a new hiking spot, so we settled on Carter Hill. It ended up being the perfect spot for a […]

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Addie eating Honey Stingers

Gear Review (Video): Honey Stinger Kids’ Organic Waffles

Though Honey Stinger provided us with samples of their Kids’ Organic Waffles, our review of the product is based on our own opinions.

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