Gear Review: Mountain Mama Maternity Outdoor Apparel

Mountain Mama LogoWe are honored to represent Mountain Mama, a small company in California owned by Teresa Delfin. An avid outdoor adventurer, Teresa founded Mountain Mama after her own frustrating experiences trying to find suitable active maternity wear during her first pregnancy. We love the company’s ideals – adherence to wilderness ethics, use of sustainable materials, low carbon-footprint, and strong support of community and family.

As Mountain Mama ambassadors, we were given several items of outdoor apparel to test out. Though the clothing was free, the following reviews are the result of my personal experiences with the products.

Kendra wearing the Leah Yoga Pant from Mountain Mama

Wearing the Leah Yoga Pant after my c-section.

The first time I pulled on the soft and comfy Leah Yoga Pant, I was so happy! I did not think twice before throwing them on to go out on some local hiking trails. As my belly grew larger, I really came to love the adjustable waistband, and the option of being able to wear the band up over my bump, or at my hips. The drawstring on the top can be tightened down and the waistband can be folded over to sit below your belly. Depending on the weather or the size of my bump, I alternated. I liked the pants so much I packed them for the hospital. The pants were just right for use with my c-section incision.

I ordered a large Leah Yoga Pant and found them to be quite big around the top (which worked for me!) and particularly long. The drawstring on the bottom were helpful as the pants hung at least eight inches below my feet. (I am short – 5’2″ – but pants are not usually that long on me.) I was happy out in the woods, sitting on the sofa, and walking around the hospital in these comfy yoga pants!

Kendra wearing the Tenaya V-Neck Maternity Eco Tee from Mountain MamaThe Tenaya V-Neck Maternity Eco Tee looks and feels more like a “normal” shirt, which I loved because I prefer form-fitting maternity shirts without the weird gathered material on the sides. I also liked the flattering v-neck cut and lupine color, which held a hidden bonus. Pregnancy made me hot and sweaty – not a cute picture to paint, but true. The shirt was both breathable, and great at hiding sweat marks. The soft material was so silky that I felt comfortable enough to sleep in it!

Additionally, I loved that even though I was pregnant with twins, Tenaya V-Neck Maternity Eco Tee completely covered my baby bump belly.  There is nothing worse than a shirt which does not allow you to move without the belly popping out. I ordered an extra-large in anticipation of my large bump, and I was glad I did, as even this was very form-fitting on my double sized bump. I wore this shirt all the way to the end of my 37 weeks of pregnancy, when I was measuring 44 weeks.

Zensah Compression Socks from Mountain MamaThe Zensah Compression Socks were a pleasant surprise. I remember reading the package, which claimed the socks would massage my feet.  My first thought was, “what kind of socks can give a foot massage?”  Once I pulled them on, I knew. I totally felt as if my feet and calves were getting a massage. It was really unbelievable. I don’t think I would have ever worn the socks, but they were so cute I decided to give them a try. Once I did, I was so happy to have them. I wore the socks to work during weeks 25-28 of pregnancy before the weather became too hot for knee-high socks. As a high school English teacher, I am always on my feet, and the socks provided great support.

They really came in handy after I gave birth, and my body began retaining fluid. I wore the socks to help with circulation and swelling once the nurses removed the compression boots I was required to wear after the surgery. They were amazing. Even now, post-pregnancy, I wear them for the comfort and support they give.

If you’re an active mom, or mom-to-be, Mountain Mama clothes are a must. You can check out their entire line of maternity wear on their website.

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