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Hiking Woodchuck Hill in North Andover, MA

Love: Keeping Our Days In Focus

Every parent of twins I spoke to before Kate and Evan were born told me the same thing – the first year will be a blur. Just do your best and expect a lot of marital fights. Ten weeks in, Kendra and I are as solid as ever, both getting sleep (not tons, but enough […]

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Jen's carved pumpkin

Our Five Favorite Fall Activities

Every season has its perks and fun activities, but fall is by far our favorite. The weather is still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors without wearing cumbersome layers, yet cool enough to exert yourself without feeling like you’re melting. Though there are myriad activities we enjoy in fall, these are our five favorites. 1. […]

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Ava, Cole, Addie and Ty celebrate making it to the top of West Rattlesnake Mountain in Holderness, NH

Hiking West Rattlesnake Mountain via Old Bridle Path, Holderness, NH

This is my third year running the Outdoor Adventures Club at the high school where I teach. (I actually started the club three years ago as a way to fill the void left by no longer coaching the rowing team.) Though it is one of the more popular clubs at school, I have found it difficult […]

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Apple picking at Smolak Farms in North Andover, MA

5 Reasons to Go Apple Picking this Fall!

Okay, I’ll admit it – in some ways, going to a farm and paying money to pick and purchase fruit might seem a bit ludicrous. Especially when it would be cheaper to buy the same amount of apples at the grocery store. If nothing else, it’s a brilliant move on the part of farmers – […]

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