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Addie tree hugging at Wilkinson Reservation in Andover, MA

Hiking at Wilkinson Reservation, Andover, MA

If you’re looking for a well-marked, easy to follow trail – this is not it. Even the trailhead is a bit confusing – it looks more like a runoff ditch (though there is a faded white rectangle trail marker a bit down the trail to let you know you’re headed in the right direction). Addie, […]

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Goldsmith Woodlands, Andover, MA

Hiking at Goldsmith Woodlands, Andover, MA

We have been steadily trying out new local hikes, and Goldsmith Woodlands is my new favorite! It’s gorgeous – after just a few minutes of hiking into this 170 acres of tall pines, you feel like you’re lost in the wilderness of New Hampshire. In addition to our friends, Janet and Greg (and their two […]

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Leaving the NICU with both twins!

Welcome to Our New Normal

Since the birth of the twins, we are slowly getting back to normal, though the definition of our new normal seems to be shifting daily. Evan came home two weeks ago, while Kate came home from the NICU this past Tuesday. With one twin at home, the other still in the hospital, and Kendra unable […]

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Addie enjoying her ride on the Nashua River Rail Trail

Bicycling the Nashua River Rail Trail, Ayer, MA – Nashua, NH

Kendra’s parents, Boris and Jane, are in town to help us with the twins. Usually when they visit from South Carolina, we go camping, or hiking, or some other adventure, but this visit we’ve needed all hands on deck because Kate is still in the NICU, Evan has multiple doctors appointments for his heart condition, Addie started preschool, […]

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