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Mt. Kearsage, Warner, NH

Hiking Mt. Kearsarge, Warner, NH

It was blazing hot this past week. Every time I stepped outside, I lost at least 10 pounds in water weight. Moving even an inch caused a tidal wave of sweat to run off of my body. Not pleasant. This week the temperature dropped into the 60’s, so our friend Meg and I decided to […]

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Bradley Palmer State Park, Ipswich, MA

Hiking at Bradley Palmer State Park, Topsfield, MA

Sometimes you just gotta look for frogs. Last week I took Addie, my nephew Eoin, and niece Bria, hiking at Bradley Palmer State Park in Topsfield, MA. With over 700 acres laced with hiking trails, I thought it would be a fun place to explore. We were on a mission to find frogs and turtles. […]

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Addie foraging for blueberries at Peggy Keck Reservation, Andover, MA

Hiking at Peggy Keck Reservation, Andover, MA

This little gem of a reservation is literally in the shadow of the more popular Harold Parker State Forest. In an effort to hike through all the conservation lands listed in the Andover Trails Guide, my mother-in-law, Jane, and I took Addie to the Peggy Keck Reservation last Thursday. We liked it so much, we returned […]

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Balancing on our canoe in Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, MA

Learning to Canoe with the Appalachian Mountain Club

I row. Not in a canoe – in a rowing shell. I first stepped foot in a boat my junior year in high school. Having been cut from the varsity soccer team, I decided to follow all my friends to the boathouse to see why they were hyped up about a sport I had never […]

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