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Our wedding day

From 13 Colonies to 13 States – the New American Revolution?

Yesterday was an incredible day – I am still reeling. Kendra and I woke up to the softly padding footsteps of our daughter, Addison. As she crawled into our bed, I turned to my wife and whispered, “Happy Birthday.” Addie followed suit. Not long after, my nieces and nephew who were spending the night awoke, […]

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Addie standing on the summit marker of Mt. Major in Alton, NH

Hiking Mt. Major, Alton Bay, NH

Addie has been hiking longer distances, so I decided it was time to let her try tackling a trail with greater elevation gain than we usually experience on our local hikes. This past weekend, she graduated from hills to a mountain! My friend/co-worker Katie, along with five members of our school’s Outdoor Adventures Club, accompanied us on our […]

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Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2013

2013 Blogging for LGBT Families Day: Getting Creative

For Addison’s second birthday, my Auntie Debbie gave her a set of Fisher Price Little People. It was a bride and groom with a fancy carriage and wedding cake… and a second bride and groom, because she wanted Addison to be able to mix and match – two brides, two grooms, or a bride and […]

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