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Osgood Hill Trail in North Andover, MA

Hiking Osgood Hill & Stevens Estate, North Andover, MA

Addie fell down while playing in the yard this weekend and busted her lip. After we wiped away the blood and tears, her upper lip started to swell. Since we couldn’t get her to hold ice on it, we decided the next best thing would be to get her ice cream! She agreed, so we […]

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Hiking with Addison at Weir Hill in North Andover, MA

It’s Time for America to Rebuild its Villages

For all of us Bostonians, last week brought a range of emotions – terror, anger, fear, relief, pride, and determination. During last Friday’s manhunt for Suspect #2 in the Boston Marathon bombing, my body felt especially tense. We awoke to news reports of an armed suspect on the loose in Watertown, his older brother and […]

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Camping at Harold Parker State Forest in Andover, MA

Camping, Hiking, and Canoeing with Teens: Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, MA

I love taking my Outdoor Adventures Club students into nature! It’s a great opportunity to get to know my students outside the classroom, and I love how excited they get when they hike their first mountain or glimpse wildlife they wouldn’t normally see in the inner-city. Last weekend I took 11 members of the club […]

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Healing after the Boston Marathon Bombings

I had a visceral reaction when I first found out about the bombings at the 117th Boston Marathon. The same fear, confusion, and grief I felt during 9/11 flooded my body. Like most Bostonians, I spent last Monday praying – praying for those who’d been killed or injured in the twin explosions at the finish line […]

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