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Heading to the AMC High Cabin on Mt. Cardigan.

Getting My Inner-City Students Into Nature’s Classroom!

As more kids spend their time indoors – faces glued to televisions, computer screens, and video games – it is no surprise that researchers are noticing the effect the lack of outdoor time has on children. This is a particular problem for urban kids, as they don’t necessarily have the same access to nature as […]

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Addie saying

Fun in New Hampshire’s White Mountains – Camping, Hiking, Train Rides, and Swimming!

I am amazed what a difference three months makes in a camping experience. In May, we took Addie camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, and though she enjoyed it, she wasn’t speaking very much, staying up late, or hiking on her own. These past few days we returned to the White Mountains and […]

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Addie's and her new friend strike a pose at Weir Hill in North Andover, MA.

Hiking Weir Hill, North Andover, MA

For the past few years, we have been hiking Weir Hill in North Andover, MA. With four miles of trails that run along Lake Cochichewick, Stevens Pond, and up to a scenic vista and airplane beacon, the easy to moderate terrain is perfect for a leisurely jaunt. Though we have hiked here many times, today was special […]

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Addie adding to the collaborative lego sculpture at MASS MoCA.

MASS MoCA: Our Trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art

Today we visited MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts, the largest museum of contemporary art in the United States! Opened in 1999 in a former textile mill, it houses over 100,000 square feet of exhibition space. Though massive, it is surprisingly not overwhelming. We spent an hour walking around the museum, spending a lot of time in the […]

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Addie checking out the water at Natural Bridge State Park.

Hiking at Natural Bridge State Park, North Adams, MA

Today we traveled across Massachusetts to North Adams, a small town nestled in the Berkshire mountains in the northwestern part of the state. Though our goal was to stop at the Museum of Contemporary Art, we were waylaid by Addison’s nap, and had to put off our visit until tomorrow. When she finally woke up, we had […]

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Grandmama teaching Addie about plants.

Hiking at Ward Reservation, Andover, MA

Kendra’s parents, Boris and Jane, are in town visiting, so we took them on one of our favorite local hikes – Holt Hill in Ward Reservation. We started out trip by walking on the wooden footpath over the quaking bog, which ends at Pine Hole Pond. What is a quaking bog? Rather than resting on […]

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