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A moose on the loose at the Dolly Copp Campground in New Hampshire!

Don’t touch the moose! – Teaching our children to respect wildlife

While camping up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire this weekend, I woke up to Kendra excitedly whispering, “Jen, get up! There’s a moose!!!” Dazed, I stumbled out of the tent in my wool socks, right into a group of people gathered at the end of our campsite. At first it was hard for […]

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Holding my first toad.

Confessions of a Sometimes Squeamish Adventurous Mom

I have a confession to make. I do not like bugs, or worms, or mice, or any creepy crawly creatures. As a kid, I was not interested in catching frogs or inspecting critters – I was more into making fabulous mud pies, trying to dig a hole to China, and examining leaves under a magnifying […]

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Crossing a stream on a trail at the Noble View Outdoor Center.

Why Urban Kids Need to Spend Time in Nature

I did not go tent camping as a kid. I grew up in the inner-city, and the closest my family ever came to communing with the outdoors was a trip to some sort of family camp when my sister and I were very little. I have hazy memories of the experience, but based on the one photograph […]

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