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Hiking with Addie in Maroon Bells, Colorado.

Nature as a Source of Strength

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts. – Rachel Carson For the past three weekends, Kendra and I have been going to a newcomers class at church. (After a long search for a religious community, we decided upon a local Unitarian church, […]

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Sesame Street… Live!

Addie has not spent a lot of time watching television. Kendra and I made a conscious choice to keep her completely away from it for as long as possible. Now that she is 18 months, that’s not really feasible, though we still limit how much she watches each week. All the studies we’ve read indicate […]

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Rafal's interview at Babylon in Lowell, MA

Hard Truth, Levity, and Hope – Refugees in Lowell, MA

I grew up in an inner-city north of Boston. Though it had been a booming mill town during the Industrial Revolution, my hometown went through hard times when jobs went south, and then overseas. Over the years, it has been reborn several times, first as a hotbed of technology with Wang Laboratories at the heart […]

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A Blog by Any Other Name…

After a lot of thought and consideration, we have made the move to a new blog name! It was not an easy switch – I had to move everything over to a new domain name, and although WordPress allows you to import and export posts, the transition wasn’t 100% perfect. I am still working out […]

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Eoin and Addie at Weir Hill

First Hike of 2012!

Today Kendra and I took Addie on her first hike of the year! We went with my sister Kim, her three kids, Grace, Eoin, and Bria, and our friend Christina, to one of our local favorites, Weir Hill. The beautiful near 60-degree weather prompted our excursion – who can pass up being outside on a […]

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