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Jen adopting Addison

2011: Our Five Most Memorable Moments

This past year has been an amazing year of firsts and new adventures for all three of us. Addie started the year learning how to roll over, and ends it with hiking and running! I worked part time for the 2010-2011 school year at a prep school and finished my doctoral classes while Kendra transitioned […]

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Kelty FC 1.0 Kid Carrier

Gear Review: Kelty Kids FC 1.0 Carrier

While hiking with Kendra’s parents in South Carolina, I got the opportunity to try out her mom’s Kelty Kids FC 1.0 Carrier with Addison. We went a on 3-mile hike on a easy trail with Addison riding in the carrier most of the way. She really seemed to enjoy the view from the pack – […]

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Addie making biscuits with Grandmama

Cooking with a Toddler?!

This morning Addie made biscuits with her Grandmama. I have never thought to make biscuits with Addie for a couple of reasons. First, I am from the north, and quite frankly, I have never actually made a biscuit. Cakes… yes. Cookies… yes. But biscuits? You only can get those at Cracker Barrel. Second, it never […]

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Hiking in Sumter National Forest in South Carolina

Today we went hiking with Kendra’s parents. Boris drove us all to Sumter National Forest in Walhalla, South Carolina to hike the Yellow Branch Falls Trail. One of two National Forests in the state, Sumter National Forest has over 370,000 acres of land. Though the headquarters are in Columbia, S.C., the forest itself is spread […]

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Mystery Package Cancelled Postage

The Mystery Package

Yesterday there was a package resting on our front porch. Being so close to Christmas, I was excited for a gift! Alas, it was not addressed to us, but to folks unbeknownst to us who live in Spokane, Washington. However, the return address was ours, and I noticed that the package had been sent by […]

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Mommy reading to Addison

9 Great Board Books for Toddlers

I love reading to Addie. We read at least 5 or 6 board books each night before she goes to bed, and there are quite a few that we both love to read. I love watching her with books – she already knows how to hold them correctly, and will flip them right-side up if […]

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My students!

Why I Am Always Asking For Your Money…

I know it’s true. My hand is always out. Why? Because I know that the $20 you spend on coffee each week could help change the life of one of my students. The high school in which I teach is big. As in, three city blocks big. 3,5oo students big. And our budget is small. […]

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Choosing My Religion…

I was raised Irish Catholic. Every Saturday, my mom would take me and my sister to church and we would groan through the hour-long mass. Once a week, we had to go to CCD classes. I never knew what “CCD” stood for (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine), only that I had to go because my mother […]

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