A restful stay with the Albertis!

The Nevada HighwayWe drove from Las Vegas to Sparks, NV on Wednesday. It was a long drive through a very hot, very rocky, very unpopulated desert, but well worth the ride. The Albertis are like my second set of in-laws. Boris and Terry served in Vietnam together, and the two families have been friends ever since. I got to meet them when they came to South Carolina for our wedding.

The Albertis! The Albertis! The Albertis!

They pampered us, fed us great food, and Leonor even watched Addison so we could go get pedicures! It was so great to see them again! Addison was especially taken with Steven – he played his bassoon for her, which she loved!

He also took us to Gymboree, where he teaches little kids music lessons. Addie didn’t have quite the response we expected.

Addie passed out at Gymboree.

She did eventually wake up, and had a great time crawling around. Watching her made us all hungry, so we went a few doors down to Rounds Bakery and had bagel sandwiches. They were awesome. In the same shop is the Mix Cupcake Company, so we bought half a dozen cupcakes for dessert.

With clean laundry and rested bodies, we set off from Sparks and headed to Sonoma, California. Our main destination for this trip is San Fransisco for the wedding of one of Kendra’s college teammates. Tonight was the rehearsal dinner, which was held in a small park in Sonoma. The catered tacos were awesome! Addie and I had some quality playtime in the grass, and she experimented with eating old, dry leaves. She was not a fan.

We are staying with another one of Kendra’s friends tonight, and she is graciously watching Addison for us when we go to the wedding tomorrow. It’s hard to believe we are halfway through our trip! Just a couple more days and we start heading back toward the east coast.

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2 Responses to A restful stay with the Albertis!

  1. Meg July 24, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    Addison sleeping at Gymboree made me laugh outloud. Very jealous of your adventures!

  2. Janiack July 25, 2011 at 11:48 pm #

    Thanks again for the great pictures. You will be able to tell Addie some great stories about her first year birthday trip. Aren’t the Albertis great people?! We have stopped many a western trip for their hospitality.

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