The Good Day Cafe – Hooray!

The Good Day Cafe in North Andover, MA.Addison woke us up early today, so Kendra and I decided to take her for a walk to a fairly new café in our neighborhood – The Good Day Cafe. I was psyched to go check the place out, as yesterday Kendra brought me one of their cappuccinos and a yogurt parfait. Given I am a devoted Starbucks customer, I was pleasantly surprised – the cappuccino was excellent, as was the parfait. They even had a little cup within the larger cup that kept the homemade (and tasty) granola separate from the yogurt and fruit, which meant it was not soggy – a total plus!

When we arrived, I was surprised (and impressed) at how crowded the café was at 7:45am on a Sunday morning. Located in a renovated 19th century mill building, the interior was warm and welcoming. In addition to the indoor seating, there were plenty of tables outside as well. After asking us if we were new customers, the friendly woman behind the counter took the time to tell us a little about the place. They make all of their own bakery items! As she pointed out each pastry, my mouth began watering. She then showed us their specialty – donut muffins. Made with donut batter, the muffins are baked rather than deep fried. Naturally, as a donut aficionado (and former Dunkin Donuts donut maker), I had to get one. Coated in cinnamon and sugar, and just like a cake donut on the inside, it was A-ma-zing! I could have easily eaten a dozen.

The Good Day Cafe in North Andover, MA.We got breakfast as well. I ordered the egg, cheese and bacon on their homemade English toast bread with a cappuccino, while Kendra ordered the lox bagel sandwich and an iced-coffee. The cappuccino came with an old-fashioned rock-candy stick for the sugar! I just dropped the stick in and stirred as it melted into the drink. The food was incredible. Kendra and I both agreed that the lox bagel was the best either of us had ever had. It had cream cheese on both sides of the (homemade!) bagel, which seems to be a rarity. The onions were sliced thin enough that they weren’t overwhelming, and there were plenty of capers and a nice slice of tomato. The English muffin bread was really neat – thicker and tastier than I expected.

The Good Day Cafe in North Andover, MA.While we ate, plenty of people filtered in and out of the café. There were clearly quite a few regulars already. As we left, Kendra ordered a donut muffin for herself – a maple-bacon one that was a plain donut muffin topped with a generous helping of maple frosting and heaps of bacon! I didn’t try it, but she said it was delicious!

As a mom of a little one, the only suggestions I would make would be to sell the on-the-go baby food pouches, (such as HappyBaby), and add more high chairs – there was only one, and at one point there were three babies eating at the same time. We ended up keeping Addison in her Bob.

Overall, awesome place – great food, excellent cappuccinos, friendly staff, and a warm atmosphere – we will most certainly be regulars ourselves!

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