Indigo Girls and Homophobes… a bad combination.

Indigo Girls in Concert!Tonight, Kendra and I left Addison with my sister and went to an Indigo Girls concert. Originally scheduled outside, the concert was moved indoors because of all of the rain we have been having lately. We ended up about 15 rows from the stage, which was awesome. I haven’t been that close during an Indigo Girls concert since I saw them in London in 1994. They played a fantastic set – all the old favorites plus a few new ones.

Afterward, we went to a local bar that we’ve been to a number of times. Our friends Meg and Marcy came as well. While I was talking to a former colleague, and Kendra was ordering drinks at the bar, a fairly inebriated patron approached Meg and Marcy to ask them if the concert had already gotten out. I never quite understand why some people have the need to point out to gay people that they are, in fact, gay. Did he think Meg and Marcy were unaware of their sexual orientation? What was he hoping to get out of his statement? Did he think any of us would care that he assumed we were gay? Maybe he’d never met a gay person before, and he was proud of himself for recognizing one. Regardless of his intention, his act of ignorance left us all bewildered, and feeling a tad uncomfortable. It blows my minds that even in Massachusetts (supposedly the most liberal state in the country) homophobia and ignorance still exists.

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  1. Mark June 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm #

    Too funny! Yes, I’m sure he was pretty proud of himself for picking you girls out. Speaking of Lesbians, I know I’m not one because try as I may, I have never gotten used to the sound of the Indigo Girls. And you would think, with the amount of time that I hang out with Lesbians, I would start to like that group after awhile.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. for some reason, I can’t comment from my home. I guess it’s just my computer. m.

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