Norm's restaurant in Methuen, MA.For the last couple of years, Kendra and I have been frequenting a little hole in the wall in Methuen – Norm’s White Horse. The first time I drove by it, I thought it was a sketchy place for old men to drink beers and ogle the ladies – there are no windows on the front of the squat, drab building… but then my cousin Chrissy told me how she had gone in there once with her sister Katie, and my sister Kim, and it had quite a few ladies who clearly liked other ladies. So, that sealed the deal – Kendra and I went and checked it out that weekend! We loved it – great food, friendly waitstaff, and nice locals. (And yes, on Friday nights, the place does look a bit like a scene from the L-Word. Although most of the time it’s a mix of ages, lots of families, and cute old couples.)

Norm’s quickly became our post-coaching hangout. Of course, since Addison arrived, we haven’t been able to get there much. So, on Saturday we took Addison for her first meal at Norm’s!!! She had a mashed sweet potato and loved it – of course, that might have been because of the butter… I had my usual grilled cheese and fries. Norm’s makes a lot of great food, but I love it for the comfort foods they serve. There’s something about a grilled cheese and fries that puts me in a happy place. Addison seemed to enjoy herself – especially when she made friends with our awesome waitress and the little old man sitting across from us. We can’t wait to go back soon!

Addie enjoying her first meal at Norm's!

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