12 weeks down…

Today we went for our 12 week ultrasound. It was so exciting – the baby is no longer a blob, but a little 2.5 inch being with legs and arms that waved and kicked the entire time! It was amazing to see the little heart beating, and the fingers and toes and head and spine. It’s hard to believe that this little baby has grown so much in 3 months. I am more and more excited for July.

Sadly, the visit did not start well.  We got a bit lost, and ended up 15 minutes late. For some reason, even though other women came in later than us (the last appointment was 3, which was our appointment), we were the last to be seen. When we finally got into the room, the nurse was nice enough, but she neglected to print any pictures for us, and by the time I’d asked her if we could have some, another nurse had shut down the ultrasound machine. However, the nurse was nice enough to print two off for us, so here it is – the first picture of our baby that actually looks like a baby!

12 Week Ultrasound!

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  1. Cindy Obika January 7, 2010 at 10:20 am #

    Jen , Kendra,
    I am so very excited for the two of you. I am glad you guys are keeping us posted with all the exciting milestones of the pregnancy. So the big question is ……Do you know what your having? Your doing good keep up the good work.


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