Grits and Groceries

Kendra and I are down in South Carolina for a few days over our Christmas break. Overall, good times!

Today we visited her Omi in little Due West. On the way home, Boris took us to a local eatery, Grits and Groceries, in Belton, South Carolina. I loved it! Despite being in the middle of nowhere, it was clearly a popular place. We had to wait a few minutes for a table to clear out, which gave me time to check out the decor. Homemade jam and canned goods filled the shelves on the right side of the restaurant.  A counter and stools lined the left. The walls were packed with trinkets and old-time southern memorabilia.

Grits & Groceries in Belton, South Carolina.

I ordered a BLT and fries, Boris got the chicken tertazini with garlic bread, and Kendra had the warm roast beef served open faced on Texas toast with potato salad. The food was quite good – I was shocked by the heartiness of the BLT. Thick slices of bread enveloped several pieces of bacon and generous slices of tomatoes. The french fries reminded me of the ones my mom made when I was a kid. I finished with egg nog ice-cream and a brownie, which was just okay. Kendra had the apple pie with vanilla ice-cream – I should have opted for that instead.

Overall, I would recommend it – good food for a fair price, a great atmosphere and friendly locals.

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