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Driving home from S.C.

We split the ride back into two days – mostly it was uneventful, but I did write the following two letters on the way home: Dear West Virginia, It’s only 3 inches of snow. One lane on the highway is unacceptable. Learn how to plow. Love, Massachusetts Dear weird man in the chevy truck with […]

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Grits and Groceries

Kendra and I are down in South Carolina for a few days over our Christmas break. Overall, good times! Today we visited her Omi in little Due West. On the way home, Boris took us to a local eatery, Grits and Groceries, in Belton, South Carolina. I loved it! Despite being in the middle of […]

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Cravings and Nausea…

Last night Kendra came home from the grocery store with a bag of 18 banana popsicles. Apparently they spoke to her.  She doesn’t even really like bananas.  These cravings are getting more bizarre by the day. On the flip side, tonight she told me to get away from her because the smell of the coffee […]

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My tree needs a mini-skirt

We bought a new Christmas tree this year.  Our house is tiny, and my old fake tree is just too big for our living room, so Kendra picked up a skinny tree for us.  Much like skinny-jeans, it’s all the rage. However, as I was vacuuming the floor today, the tree skirt kept getting in […]

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Two double-bacon cheeseburgers please

Tonight I was driving home from class, and Kendra called me under the pretense of chatting. After a few minutes, what she really wanted became evident. Me: “So, did you eat dinner?” Kendra: “No, I was waiting for you…” Me: “But I thought you were hungry! It’s so late.” Kendra: “Maybe you could stop by […]

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