Wait… WHAT???!!!

I left school early today – I am coming down with something… Kendra had stuff to do, so she planned on coming home later.  We had plans with Jenn and Kate for dinner, so they came up and kept me company.  We got to talking, and decided we should leave a pregnancy test on the toilet seat as a hint for Kendra.  I figured she’d be annoyed… and she was, but she humored me and peed on the stick anyway.  Within 30 seconds she called out for me to come into the bathroom.  I was worried something was wrong, but something else inside of me told me I was finally going to see a positive test.  I suppressed that feeling as best I could so I wouldn’t be disappointed by another negative result. As soon as she handed me the stick, I knew.  It was a faint + sign, but it was there.

Needless to say, we celebrated over dinner.  I am elated – we’re going to be mommies!!!  I can tell she still doesn’t believe it yet… but that’s okay – I know our baby is on the way. I guess fifth time was the charm!

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