Positive tests number 2… and 3!

We took another test this morning – the + was even darker.  Kendra still wasn’t convinced.  I took the day off from school because I felt even more sick than yesterday.  She came home with 2 boxes of pregnancy tests. I humored her as she took yet another test – this time one of the dreaded digital sticks.  She handed it over to me and immediately decided she wasn’t really pregnant because it was taking too long for the test to “think.” I laughed at her while she explained that our friend Gretchen’s positive test blinked pregnant immediately, so therefore because it was taking more than five seconds, it was obviously going to tell us she was not pregnant.  Just as she finished the story, the word “PREGNANT” popped up on the screen.  I laughed… couldn’t help myself.

Finally, she believes we’re having a baby. I guess she just needed to see it written down.

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