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It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and I feel particularly grateful this year. We had our six-week ultrasound appointment this morning and we saw our baby’s tiny little heart beating 112 beats per minute. The technician was awesome, and I loved the way she described what we were seeing – she said it was like a […]

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We’ve got one!

I felt sick all night worrying about the baby – and Kendra.  We took the day off from school so we could head into the appointment early.  We also knew if it was bad news, we weren’t going to want to go in to teach. The relief was immediate when we saw the tiny little […]

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What’s that pain?

Kendra has been having weird pains.  According to my Internet research, it’s either an ectopic pregnancy, or gas. I don’t think she likes it when I diagnose her medical complaints – needless to say, we’re going to Boston IVF tomorrow for an early ultrasound to make sure everything is okay.

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We got to be having twins…

Kendra went in for the follow-up blood test this morning, and the numbers came back – 589.  That’s still high – twin high! I think it would be nice to have twins – especially since Gretchen and Ann are having them… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when we go to the […]

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The best birthday present ever!

We had the blood test this morning! The results came in, and she’s at an HCG level of 249.  That’s high… twins high.  I am convinced we have two babies on the way, but Kendra insists she knows her body, and it’s only one. She threw me a birthday dinner tonight – tons of our […]

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Positive tests number 2… and 3!

We took another test this morning – the + was even darker.  Kendra still wasn’t convinced.  I took the day off from school because I felt even more sick than yesterday.  She came home with 2 boxes of pregnancy tests. I humored her as she took yet another test – this time one of the […]

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Wait… WHAT???!!!

I left school early today – I am coming down with something… Kendra had stuff to do, so she planned on coming home later.  We had plans with Jenn and Kate for dinner, so they came up and kept me company.  We got to talking, and decided we should leave a pregnancy test on the […]

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