Lesbians love coffee shops…

It’s true. We love them as much as camping, tea, and even cats. Maybe it’s because as social workers, teachers and perpetual students, all we can afford is coffee. Regardless, we love them.

The mother-in-law is in town for the weekend, so the wife and I took personal days so we could travel out to a cute cafe in western Massachusetts. We found the place a few years ago when I was really into used bookstores. (There’s a great one attached to the coffee shop.) We must have forgotten how hard it was to find the place – we ended up lost for an hour, yet at no time were we more than 2 miles from the Bookmill. I guess it’s no wonder that their motto is “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find”. Frustrating as it was, the hot chocolate alone made the trip worth it…

Montague Bookmill

We spent a few hours there, enjoying the food and atmosphere. The wife played solitaire while the mother-in-law and I checked out the books. What struck me was how many lesbians were in the cafe. They were typing away on laptops, playing cards and having dates. I felt right at home.

On the way out, while we were waiting for more hot chocolate to go, the wife struck up a conversation with a woman typing at the counter. (She has a tendency to talk to strangers.) Turns out the woman was working on her guest list for her upcoming (straight) wedding. The woman asked a few questions, the wife offered some sage advice, we made some small talk, wished her luck and then went on our way. The whole experience kind of balanced the visit to the doctor’s from the other day…

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