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You can find me in da club

The lone lesbian club in Greenville, South Carolina, that is. I was actually surprised to find one even existed. The wife and I were searching for a way to get our Sunday night L-Word fix when a google search turned up with The Sugar Shack. After dinner with the in-laws, we ventured into Greenville to check […]

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Starbucks is my safe place…

I know. Right now you’re thinking, “What?!” The wife and I are road-tripping down to visit the in-laws in South Carolina, inevitably driving through parts of the country that scare me just a little bit. I grew up in the north, where not everyone totes a shotgun and Dunkin’ Donuts are on every corner. The […]

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Lesbians love coffee shops…

It’s true. We love them as much as camping, tea, and even cats. Maybe it’s because as social workers, teachers and perpetual students, all we can afford is coffee. Regardless, we love them. The mother-in-law is in town for the weekend, so the wife and I took personal days so we could travel out to […]

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The not-so-ordinary trip to the doctor

The wife and I went to the doctor’s yesterday. I thought it would be your typical visit – check in, get checked out by the doctor, go home. Silly me. The doctor sent me to get my hearing tested. Again, run of the mill stuff… or so I thought. The technician called me into the […]

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