Out of the Backcountry

So it’s Day 3 in Canada, and I have managed to get a bit of time on the Internet here in Alma, New Brunswick.  Here’s a recap of the last two days…

Boris and a Canadian lighthouse.

We left early in the morning yesterday and set out for Fundy National Park.  On the way, we stopped at a small lighthouse with the hope of seeing some seals sunbathing on the rocks.  No such luck, but the view from the lighthouse was beautiful.

As we wound through the scenic drive along the coastline, we were able to catch glimpses of the Bay of Fundy and the cold ocean water, stopping once for groceries.  As we shopped, Boris chatted it up with the locals and found out that we should not buy seafood at the store, but instead head to the little town of Alma and its local shops.  After checking into the Park, we did just that, stopping at Colin’s Seafood to pick up lobsters and scallops.  We didn’t stay long in Alma; instead, we headed to our camp site at the Wolf Pointe campground.

Celebrating Kendra's birthday in Canada.Kendra and I set up our tent while Boris and Jane filled up with water for the RV.  We then spent some time relaxing and reading before cooking our lobster, salad, and corn on the cob dinner.  Kendra and I also made a birthday cake for her, since we hadn’t made one on her actual birthday.  It was quite a feast!  We walked it off by following a trail down along the cliff overlooking the beach below, making our way to an old mill and covered bridge.  It was a beautiful evening – it stays light here until after 10 o’clock!  When we returned to the campsite, I tried in vain to make a fire, but Boris eventually had to help with his Boy Scout juice (lighter fluid).  I had more luck making s’mores!  After some more reading, we tucked in for the night.

Covered bridge leading to the Point Wolfe Campground in Canada.

Looking out into the Bay of Fundy in Canada.

This morning we got up early to a meal of scrambled eggs, ham, toast and oranges.  It was a great way to fill up before our almost five-hour hike along the coast.  I can only guess that there was a pleasant variety of flora and fauna given by the excited Latin lingo tossed between Boris and Jane.  I enjoyed the views of the bay that we were able to glimpse as we walked through the woods.  We eventually ended up in Herring Cove, down on a beautiful beach area.  On the way back, Kendra and I picked up the pace and returned to the RV first to make us all some lunch… which brings me to now – sitting in Alma, checking my email and updating the blog.

Hiking along the coast in Canada.

Hiking along the coast in Canada.

Hiking along the coast in Canada.

Hiking along the coast in Canada.

I am not sure when I will get online again, as the Internet and Cell phone signals are hard to come by up here… so, until I next find WiFi…

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